Clippinger Investment Properties, Incorporate

Clippinger Investment Properties, Inc. is wholly owned by Robert W. Clippinger. Clippinger Investment Properties, Inc employs fifteen persons. The corporate office is located in Laguna Niguel, California with a regional offices located in Los Angeles and Sacramento. Robert resides in Hancock Park, Los Angeles.

Our Mission

To be of the best possible service to our investment partners, employees, and tenants while providing new opportunities and ongoing maximized investment returns.

Our Vision

To be passionate about bringing excellence into our workplaces and actively pursuing  Providence, Growth and Integrity while offering the best possible level of service through continually developing and providing  quality real estate that is then utilized for investment purposes.

Our Team

Highly motivated, well trained and experienced, our team members are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and expertise in multifamily and commercial property management, investment and development. Our entrepreneurial culture means everyone is focused on creating value and generating innovative solutions to solve problems. We “Take the Hill”, day in and day out, to redefine excellence in our service and professionalism.

Take a moment to read about each of our key leaders and why they wholeheartedly believe in CIP.