Are you considering selling or exchanging your multifamily asset?  Do you need analysis of what your holdings currently provide to you as an investment?

Clippinger Investment Properties, Inc. has 30 years of experience in representing owners of multi-family properties in the acquisition and or the disposition.  We aggressively market to get the absolute highest price in a disposition and work diligently for our clients in an acquisition as well.  We are a boutique-style firm and concentrate on our client’s needs and what services we can provide.  We are patient and understand, thru experience, that the real estate market does not change overnight but trends do.   Understanding the intrinsic value of a real estate investment is key to marketing it for sale or providing due diligence for an acquisition for a client or for our own investment portfolio.

Clippinger Investment Properties, Inc.’s real estate investment strategy focuses on increasing the company’s presence in its core California market. We are actively looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio through the acquisition of existing apartment communities and the development of new communities. Clippinger Investment Properties, Inc.’s  acquires high-quality multifamily properties with 120 units or more, valued from $10 million to $200 million. We also pursue portfolio transactions. We believe the current dynamics within the multifamily real estate market will create compelling opportunities for sophisticated investors with discretionary capital to invest.  We will selectively invest capital in specific multifamily properties and markets to capitalize upon the recent upheaval in, and subsequent recovery of, the underlying multifamily and capital and housing markets. We believe that the market offers a compelling investment opportunity.

If you have any interest in exploring this chance to maximize your investment, please call Bob Clippinger today at 949.363.7676 or email him at